• Andrey Sabelnikov
    Co-founder & Core Dev
    After graduating from Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation as system programming engineer, Andrey went on to work in the antivirus space for eight years. This work came to a head with a very public lawsuit with Microsoft, which ended in a settlement agreement. Following this, he was hired as lead developer on a project that later came to be known as CryptoNote. After differences of opinion regarding the application of this new protocol, he left that project to create Boolberry, which later evolved into Zano.
  • Pavel Nikienkov
    Co-founder & Project manager
    Pavel has spent his career working as a project manager and product owner for the better part of ten years. A long-time expert in the complex processes required for the launch and continued success of software products, Pavel is a product success generalist with a drive wide-spread adoption.
  • Valeriy Pisarkov
    Core Dev
    With a master’s degree in applied mathematics and computer science, Valeriy is one of the world’s foremost CryptoNote experts. He wrote his first article on computer security in 1999 before going on to work in gaming for the next ten years. While working in that industry, he progressed from junior software engineer to tech lead and eventually on to project leader. At which point he was hired by a company running several cryptocurrency projects – this was when he first met Andrey.
  • Alex Bobylev
    Senior Analyst
    Alex is a life-long software engineer with 15 years of background in system analysis and software development. His career started in telecommunications where he worked with high-fidelity billing systems. However, over the years, Alex has taken it upon himself to inch closer and closer to the forward edge of technology, becoming an industry expert and thought leader in promising areas like augmented reality and blockchain.
  • Casey Milone
    Messaging Specialist
    Casey Milone got his start as a freelance copywriter, working in the ad agencies of Seattle. He moved on to carve out the uncommon discipline of creative director for messaging and voice while working in-house at companies like Alaska Airlines and Microsoft. Moving to the Bay Area, Casey took his skill set to NVIDIA where he led messaging for all AI applications and industry verticals. He now runs a consultancy focused on messaging strategy for technology companies
  • Jed Thorne
    Community manager
    After spending years working on his family farm, Jed broadened his skill sets by developing areas of expertise in other trades. Then, with financial markets experience as trader dating back to 2011, he started working in the crypto space in 2017 and ran a midsized mining farm for about 18 months. During the major run in crypto, he started getting more involved in Boolberry and in early 2019 became the Community Manager for Zano.
  • Artem Turlenko
    Lead Designer
    During his studies at the institute, Artem worked in a large advertising holding company in Ukraine specializing in outdoor media. Upon graduation he became a self-taught expert in 3D modeling, working for two years as a freelancer. At the same time, Artem continued to study 2D graphics working on various software projects. He has since built out a comprehensive portfolio of software interfaces, web design, and application UI.
  • Artem Andreevsky
    Quality Assurance
    Artem began his IT experience while studying at the university on Information Control Systems and Technologies Engineering. After graduation he continued to build out a robust skillset in software testing and design, working on high-load government projects. Perusing work with more autonomy, Artem went on to become a freelance web developer. At the same time, he became a blockchain advocate and began to work as a QA specialist on CryptoNote projects.