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Why was CoinSwap?

The Zano project is a technological evolution of the Boolberry (BBR) project. However, at the same time, the project has different emission curve and premine. We understand that for some people this difference may not be acceptable. Therefore, we decided that it would be fair to give BBR holders a choice: they can join in the new model by participating in the coinswap and exchanging their BBR to Zano, or they are welcome to keep their stake in BBR (which will continue to be supported).

After coinswap

The coinSwap resulted in 7.8M swapped coins. The remaining 6M were burned the day after the end of coinswap (proof link):

Why is the Block Reward just 1 Coin?

Zano has a unique consensus system in which in order to perform the classic 51% attack, you need to have at least 51% PoW hashrate AND 51% PoS power (there can also be other ratios like 20%/90% and so on (see the whitepaper). This way an attack becomes very expensive, in particular because the purchase of a significant portion of the coins on the market, would dramatically increase the price. If you try to use a small percentage of PoS coins for the attack, then the PoW power necessary for the attack becomes 800% or more. This makes it possible to establish a relatively low block reward and at the same time provide a high security level for the transaction history.

Premine structure

Premine chart

More details could be found in the blog post.