Secure & Truly AnonymousZANO

Zano project is a development of a stable and secure coin, designed to use in e-commerce. The technology behind our blockchain provides reliability, security, and flexibility, making it a viable option for P2P transactions.

Zano platform
Zano core

Zano CoreCore

Hybrid PoW/PoS Cryptonote

The consensus process is balanced out by a hybrid PoW/PoS algorithm, utilizing the advantages of those processes to their full potential. This makes the system less prone to double-spend attacks, improving the overall security.


The computational efficiency of our network is powered by key code design features like forward and backward compatibility, component-based modular structure, and asynchronous core architecture.


The extensive testing our system has undergone minimizes all the issues often encountered in the early days of any project. This makes the Zano network stable and release-ready from the day one.

Privacy FeaturesPrivacy

Untraceble Transactions

The transactions between Zano network members are made untraceable with ring signatures and stealth addresses. Also, the way transaction data is stored on the blockchain allows access by authorized parties only, and none of the private data is ever publicly published.

Hidden wallet balance

The confidentiality of all Zano transactions is hard-coded into the core. By concealing all sending and receiving addresses as we have maximized the level of privacy every Zano user has.

Zano privacy

Ecommerce PlatformEcommerce

Zano ecommerce


Multi-signature, or simply multisig, is the key mechanism which allows 2 or more users to control a single wallet. This is mostly used in the escrow service, however multisig can also be used to create a two-factor authentication mechanism.

Escrow/P2P Contracts

With our escrow service, users can create fully customizable contracts, which are essentially a mechanism that allows for any agreement conditions to be followed by all parties in a trustless way. When using the Zano network, a deposit is required from all parties as a financial incentive to alleviate any malicious activity.


All Zano network members can have aliases, for example: @username. These aliases can be linked to a payment address, which makes our network more user-friendly. In the long run, aliases will be used in a dedicated messenger, a user reputation service, and an alias-based authentication system.

Purchase API/Web plugins

API’s and plugins are what makes escrow and other features of our network easy to use for anyone. With this functionality, users are not required to have any coding knowledge to create contracts and implement them in any ecommerce-related ventures.

Zano Wallet [Testnet]Wallet

The new Zano wallet is designed to bring ease of use to highly secure, highly anonymous cryptocurrency transactions. Our goal is to reinvent wallet design, making CryptoNote transactions available to everyone. With this single cross-platform wallet, untraceable financial transactions become as easy as a banking app.

Zano wallet

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